Do you ever notice how you can breeze right through some things on your to-do list, while others take much longer?
The biggest lesson I’ve had to learn in life - When you decide to do something that everyone else isn’t…whether it’s a different routine…a personal…
Passing this on to you because that's what friends do when they stumble across something they love.
There will be no one in the world that cares as much about the life you live, the work you create, the dreams you chase, then you, my friend.
It's easy to get wrapped up in the future or the past, but living in the moment is a key to happiness.
Focus on the step in front of you instead of the whole staircase and realize that every step you take today gets you a little closer to the tomorrow you…
Before we get into the web design stuff, let's talk about self-care for your entrepreneurial soul.
So… it's been a while. These past few months have been nothing short of exciting. Now, I know I've been off the grid for a while with this newsletter…
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